OUR VISION is to create inside of three years  a national network of 40,000 golfers, across 12,000+ golf courses and thus fundamentally change the overall dynamics of how golfers today schedule tee times and coordinate foursomes. 

To create the most expansive network of golfers, allowing our members to forge new golf circles across the broadest range of both private and public golfers in the history of golf.  A membership of golfers with a common bond for the passion of playing golf and embracing the traditions golf represents.

We believe “The Who” you play with is as important as is “The Where”.   Golfers have always struggled when playing outside of their home club in being paired up with a group of golfers they will enjoy on and off the course.   It continues to be a crap shoot if it will be an enjoyable golf experience, regardless of the quality of the course.  It is time for a change!

LynksIn Golf has created an advanced AI technology platform to allow our members to search and be proactively connected with “like minded golfers” to play with across what will be the largest golf course network ever created.   Our platform will allow our members “on demand” to schedule and coordinate weekly golf matches locally and nationally.

LynksIn Golf eliminates that 1st tee surprise when meeting players for the first time.  LynksIn Golf provides full transparency of each player when you select to join a tee time based on their published member profiles:

  • Each Players Background / Interests
  • Golf Handicap
  • Golf Preferences (pace of play, music, drinking, smoking, wagering, etc)
  • And ability to chat inside the app creating a warm relationship prior to teeing it up if desired

At the end of the day, we simply want to create a network for golfers to meet new players, expand their golf circles, experience new courses and ultimately forge new and lasting friendships.  In essence, what golf is all about.

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