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The LynksIn Golf Club Vision

Inside of three years, our vision is to create a national network of 25,000 golfers, across 10,000+ golf courses and thus fundamentally change the overall dynamics of how golfers today schedule tee times and coordinate foursomes.

Our vision is to create the most expansive and inclusive network of golfers, allowing our members to forge new golf circles across the broadest range of both private and public golfers in the history of golf. A membership of golfers with a common bond for the passion of playing golf and embracing the traditions golf represents. No more 1st tee pairing surprises!

The Golf Experience

We believe “The Who” you play with is as important as is “The Where”. A great course without a foursome you enjoy playing with, kills the overall golf experience. Golfers have always struggled when playing outside of their home club in being paired up with a group of golfers they will enjoy on and off the course. It is time for a change!

LynksIn Golf has created an advanced AI technology platform to allow our members to search and be proactively connected with “like minded golfers” to play with across what will be the largest golf course network ever created. Our platform will allow our members “on demand” to schedule and coordinate weekly golf matches locally and nationally.

Membership Amenities

Regardless of your golf skills or home course, if you are solid individual, who is passionate
about golf, you have a place in our club! This is our Vision we are actively building. Come be
apart of this incredible journey.


AI technology assists in building
out your golf circle

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A golfer’s network that extends
across the calendar year, not just a
golf season


Access to top rated public and
private courses, tournament play,
and wagering

The Technology

LynksIn empowers your profile to drive engagement across our network. Create your member profile on your background, interests, golfing preferences and golf skills.

We build a compatibility score that constantly evolves over time based on your activities allowing you to browse our members and expand your golf circle.

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