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All of us here at LynksIn Golf Club want to express our appreciation to all of our members who signed up in 2021 and believe in our vision in making the most expansive and inclusive golf network in the country. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!

To show our appreciation, we are offering all our members a one-time 40% discount on all our membership plans for early renewal for the 2022 golf season. We fully expect our membership to grow 3X in 2022, offering incredible access and value to all our members. Over 10,000 members and 6,000 Clubs is the goal.

We are also throwing in over $3,000 in merchandise giveaway drawings for all members who register early.  Check out our storefront

LynksIn Golf Club Districts

LynksIn Golf Club has established 3 Golf Regions, with a total of 13 unique Golf District across the United States.

Our objective is to provide our members the greatest flexibility in membership by aligning to their travel and desire to play other courses across the country to maximize their overall golf experience. A Golf District becomes established when we have a minimum of 100 Clubs established.

Once we hit a total of 100 clubs in any one Golf District, monthly dues commences. (As an example: The New England District offers over 400 Clubs) The goal is to build the most expansive and inclusive golfing network in the world! One Member / One Club at a time.

Help us build something special in your State/Golf District and enjoy all of the benefits LynksIn Golf has to offer. Can you imagine having over 2,000+ courses at your disposable inside of your golfing membership?

Lynksin Region Map

3 Regions: East / Central / West with 13 Golf Districts

2022 Membership Dues Structure & Descriptions

40% OFF All Membership Plans
Thru November 30, 2021

Membership Types

Single Golf District

Annual Dues

$195 / year
$395 / year
$595 / year

Early Incentive

$117 / year
$238 / year
$358 / year

40% Savings


Single Golf District: Membership play is for your Primary Golf District only.

Regional: Member has a Primary Golf District, plus all other Golf Districts in a chosen Region.

National: Member has a Primary Golf District, plus access to all other Golf Districts Nationally.

“You guys nailed it with the Skins Fantasy Golf Contest for the Masters! The live Skins Leaderboard
kept me entertained all weekend. Can’t wait to play again next week!””


Jimmy – Member since 2020

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